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Welcome to the website of Kingseat Village, a small rural settlement in the north of Franklin District, now Auckland Council, New Zealand.

KVI Meeting Wednesday 30th January 2013

KVI have it's next meeting on Wednesday 30th January 2013 at the Karaka Hall at 7:30pm.

There has not been a meeting for a while, so there may be a few developments to catch up on.

This is the last meeting before Auckland Council's main resource consent hearing on the 11th, 12th & 13th of February 2013.

Geoff Hodgkinson from Pulin Investments, will also be making a presentation, with artists impressions, about their plans for the old Hospital site so it would be great if as many as possible in the Kingseat, and wider, community can attend to listen to Ge

Water reports by Watercare

Attached documents issued by Council 28th Sept 2012.


Water will come to Kingseat via the Wakato pipeline extension through Pukekohe to Clarks Beach.

Copper wire thefts

Thieves continue to steal copper wire from power lines in the area.

A pole three poles east of Kingseat Vegies had it's copper earth conductor stolen recently.

Counties Power were promptly on the job, replacing it with a steel conductor with very thin copper sheathing. This should be less attractive to thieves, as it's worth a lot less, and is harder to cut down.

There are over 500 earth wires needing replacement, so the crooks have been very busy.

New Vege shop opens

Parma Pabla's Kingseat Fruit & Veges new shop has now opened on Linwood Road.

The new shop is a completely new build, to the south east of the old shop.

The old shop was dramatically demolished on the Friday night before the opening, being completely levelled and removed by about 2:00am. 

Regular customers were surprised by the rapid overnight change

The new shop is light and airy, with more room for fruit and vegetable stock. and a larger atmosphere.

Broadband working

Yes, Kingseat does have ADSL broadband.

It works, it's reliable and it's fast. I'm getting raw connect speeds of 7,000Kbit downstream, 730Kbit upstream. Throughput is excellent, reaching 300KByte/second at times. Ping latency times are low, around 20milli seconds, which is superb. I have not recorded any outages work time outages since the change over to the new cabinet in late July.

Speed Limit Reminder

Just a reminder to residents that the speed limit on Buchanan and half of McRobbie is 50Km/hr, to many cars are racing down both these road well over this speed limit, and with children frequently in the street on the push bikes ect this is not acceptable, and will be delt with if it continues, Franklin has a race track and buchanan and McRobbie arnt it.

The only Broadband Update you wanted to read

New cabinet is set for switch-over tomorrow morning, Tue 28th July 2009 at 6:00am.

It's taken more than a year! Let's hope it's worth the wait.

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